Plenary Speakers


Dr. Ing. Ernesto Zumelzu D.

Ernesto Zumelzu Delgado, is of Chilean nationality, is Metallurgical Civil Engineer, and completed his PhD in Condensed Matter Physics at the University of Valladolid, Spain.

He worked as an expert of the Technical Cooperation Program of Developing Countries TCDC / CIM. Academic and researcher of the Austral University of Chile (UACH). He has held positions in his professional career as Academic Vice-Rector, Director of Research and Development, Director of Regional Public-Private Research Centers at CIEN Austral and CIEP in Patagonia. Advisory member in science and technology of the Council of Rectors of the Chilean Universities , CRUCH .

He also coordinates the Chilean Nanodyf group of the Ibero-American Program for Science, Technology and Development (CYTED) network. He has published extensively with over 100 indexed publications in his field: new materials, coatings, degradation and characterization ; and is a referee of several leading scientific journals.

He has participated in international networks as Professor and / or Researcher in the ALFA program of the EU-AL, Iberoamerican Network CYTED and CINDA. Strategic advisor in innovation projects INT / Brasil-UACH, ICA / Chile-China, ICA / USA-Chile and the MISTI / MIT Program (USA) -Chile.

In addition, he has participated in scientific collaborations as manager of research, mobility and double degree programs with Universities of Germany: Kalsruhe, Regensburg and Dortmund; and with Virginia Tech. USA, among others. Member of the Advisory Committee of the COLAM Program, Interamerican University Organization, OUI, 2016-2018.


Dr. Rafael Vázquez-Duhalt

Dr. Rafael Vazquez‑Duhalt is full professor at the Center for Nanosciences and Nanotechnology of the National University of Mexico and Head of the Department of Bionanotechnology. He is Industrial Chemical Engineer from the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City. Dr. Vazquez-Duhalt completed postgraduate studies in Analytical Chemistry of the Environment at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and in Human Ecology in a program sponsored by seven European Universities. He earned the PhD degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. In addition, Dr. Vazquez-Duhalt carried out a three-years Postdoctoral work in the University of Alberta, Canada, and he has been visiting Professor at the University of Maryland and at the University of California, San Diego.

Among others, Dr. Rafael Vazquez-Duhalt has earned the following prizes: The Scopus Prize from Elsevier Publisher to Mexican researcher with higher H factor Biotechnology and Agronomy fields in 2011. The “Thomson-Reuters” Prize to the most cited Mexican research article in Microbiology in the decade 1999-2009 in 2009. Dr. Vazquez-Duhalt is author of four patents, and he has published 2 books and more than 155 scientific articles with more than 4500 cites and an H of 39. Prof. Vazquez-Duhalt is Editor-in-chief of the journal “Biocatalysis” (de Gruyter, Germany) and member of the editorial boards of 5 scientific journals. Dr. Vazquez-Duhalt is Associate Director of the CaliBaja Center for Resilient Materials and Systems at the Jacobs School of Engineering, University of California at San Diego, USA.


Dr. Rafael Vázquez-Duhalt

Dr Claudio is a Technological Engineer, Master in Technical Sciences and Doctor of Technical Sciences (PhD). Full Member of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba. He holds the categories of Senior Researcher, Advanced Level Technologist and Higher Biotechnologist Category I and held the position of Research Director of the National Center for Biopreparations (BioCen) for 24 years, serving as an advisor for Research to the Directorate at this time and project manager.

He completed his university, master's and doctoral studies in Moscow, Russia. He began his experience as a researcher at the National Center for Scientific Research in 1979. Since 1987 he has worked at the National Center of Biological products (BioCen).

He has been, from 1987 to the present, head of several national and international projects (Cuba, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, UNESCO) for the development of new diagnostics based on nanotechnology; development and validation of chromogenic and fluorogenic media and other biological products.

He is the author of 24 patents granted in Cuba and 40 patents in different countries (Mexico, Brazil, Chile, the United States, Russia, Europe, among others). He has published more than 100 scientific articles and reports and has participated in more than 100 scientific congresses giving lectures or as author of more than 300 papers.

He teaches postgraduate courses and exercises doctoral and master's thesis management. He has lectured in the field of nanotechnology and participated in round tables and gave face-to-face and virtual talks to Latin American countries. He is an expert in RILAA and the CYTED System. He is a member of doctoral and master's courts, national committees and branches of scientific and technological categorization of Cuba; Expert of the National Accreditation Board of the Institute of Pharmacy and Food of the University of Havana and belongs to several scientific societies and member of several committee of experts and scientific councils.

For his scientific and teaching activity he has received different prizes and awards, including the National Award of the Cuban Academy of Sciences on 6 occasions, the National Award for Technological Innovation on three occasions and the Special Prize for the Scientific Work with the Greatest Economic Impact in Cuba. granted by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment. He holds the Carlos J. Finlay Order and other orders granted by the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba; other orders such as Juan Tomás Roig, all for his outstanding career as a researcher. The National Prizes of the Ministry of Higher Education and of the Cuban Office of Industrial Property were conferred on him.